Orphazyme strives to develop its expertise within its therapeutic areas of interest through close collaborations with academic experts and patient organisations. Through these partnerships, Orphazyme supports the advancement of molecular and clinical understandings and performs pre-clinical evaluations in biological models of relevant diseases. 

Orphazyme’s academic partners include academic professors and clinicians from institutions such as the University of Oxford, University Hospital of Udine, University College London, University of Miami, University of Cambridge and University of Kansas.

As an example of such partnership structures, Orphazyme collaborates with Professor Frances Platt at the University of Oxford, a partnership which has lasted almost from the inception of the Company. Professor Platt is an expert in LSD research and pioneered the first pharmacological approach to treat these disorders. Through this collaboration, Orphazyme has conducted a number of pre-clinical studies that have provided insights into the potential of HSP amplifying therapeutic strategies for the LSDs. 

Further, partnerships with the patient community has ensured that patient-relevant outcomes have been assessed in scientific models and subsequently published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.